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  HDPE : High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has various characteristics including high flowability, stiffness, impact resistance, electrical insulation, mouldability, and cold resistance, which makes it excellent for making general housewares, fish net, rope, insulated cable, chemical containers, automobile fuel tank, pipes, films (agricultural, industrial, packaging)
LDPE : Low Density Polyethylene is produced with the Autoclave process of ExxonMobil, designed to have various characteristics depending on customer's requirements. In particular, the most up-to-date technology optimized polymerization conditions for each product according to its use with the biggest priority on improving productivity of customers and properties of the products. The whole process operation is automatically controlled, enhancing uniformity of the products.
  PP : Polypropylene has various strengths including high stiffness, impact resistance, transparency, and flowability. It is widely
  used for automaobile plastic materials, home electronical appliances, disposable syringes, various transparent containers, sanitary staple fiber, packaging film. and the uses of PP compound resin ranges from automobile parts such as bumpers, airbag covers, instrucment panels, ceiling materials, andn interior materials that require high impact resistance, heat-resistance stiffness, tensile strength, processability, safety, and durability for home electronic appliances and other industrial materials.
PVC : Smooth surface flexible plastic used in insulating power and phone cables, water carrying pipes, and hoses,